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If you love car racing games you’ll love The Crew 2. The original game The Crew was critically acclaimed with many players around the world speaking highly of it. The Crew 2 will be released later in 2018, download The Crew 2 Demo from TheDemoBay today to get a taste of what’s ahead for the game.

Download The Crew 2 Demo

Demo Gameplay Experience

In the full game developed by Ivory tower (Ubisoft is the parent company) you will be put in control of an unknown car racer. You will then be presented with the opportunity to roam free across a massive USA-like map that is scaled down for obvious reasons. As you roam the map…

The Crew 2 Demo Available for PC Download Now

opportunities and races will come up that you can participate in and win prices, money and fame. As you rank up and your reputation becomes bigger more difficult and rewarding races will be made available. Unlike the full game The Crew 2 Demo will not provide the player with the full map (which was expected) but will rather provide a significantly smaller area inside which the player is supposed to try out the mechanics and aesthetics of the game. Check this gameplay video out.

USA MiniMap

Reward Program in The Crew 2

The developers of the game have decided to reward players that have been playing the original game. What they did was make available up to 18 cars depending on how many milestones you have completed in The Crew. In the demo you’ll download no you won’t be able to unlock those cars. You will have to play with the provided car that the players starts with.

Car Racing Gameplay Screenshot

Game Improvements

In the original game several graphical issues had to be resolved and improvements on the game engine had to be done. The Crew 2 now will be able to show players and environment at a much bigger distance. This will surely make the game more realistic. It might, however, make online multiplayer a bit slow which is sure to anger dedicated fans of the game.

Downloading the Demo

To download the game you simply have to click the download button. The file downloaded then needs to be uncompressed and then simply double click on the installer. Then follow the instructions to download the game and if your computer fulfils the specification requirements which are listed in the game’s site then the game should initiate and so will your fun!

It should be noted that the game has several versions. The digital version will have the Legendary and Deluxe motors pack whereas the retail version will have both of these together with the in-game map of the USA and family stickers. The digital only copy of The Crew 2 will include a season pass (for multiplayer) but not the USA map. You can buy The Crew 2 after it’s release date here. Before deciding what you’re getting thought, download the pc version of The Crew 2 Demo and play on your own computer today!

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