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Dragon Age Inquisition is an upcoming RPG game currently under development by BioWare. It is the sequel of the very successful video game series, Dragon Age. The expected release date is 17th of November but the developers at BioWare have decided release a demo version of Dragon Age Inquisition to get attention before the official release of the full game. You can download the demo of dragon age inquisition from here or from our demo list.

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How to Download

If you have trouble during the download process or you can’t initialize the download for some reason please visit our help page to get help and step by step detail on how to start download the Dragon Age Inquisition Demo v1.2 PC Version.

city market view at dragon age inquisition demo

Gameplay and Combat

The game will not be an “open world” as believed previously but will rather have more gameplay freedom. It will follow a quest tree where you’ll be able to select which quest to follow and that will shape the game and will give you the opportunity to “shape” the game as you advance through the various stages until you finish it. These are great news for Dragon Age lovers as it means that the game can be played over and over and still produce different gameplay and different quests, it’s something BioWare have said to put a lot of effort in so that whatever you choose to do, the gameplay will be unique but still high quality without bugs, glitches or logical errors.

In the actual gameplay now, you will have the opportunity to choose companions to help you fight the demons and of course, the dragons, and according to BioWare the companions in Dragon Age Inquisition will be customizable. This is unfortunately not available on the demo version of dragon age inquisition as the demo is just a very light version of the full game that will give the fans of the game to “taste” the basic gameplay and combat.

fighting a dragon at the Dragon age inquisition demo

Also, when playing the Dragon Age Inquisition you’ll have to keep power over most of the regions you control in order to complete tasks or for recruitment purposes. The best buildings you can use to gain power over a certain region are strongholds. You can upgrade them, set guards, patrols and gain significant power from a well-established stronghold.

This is just a tiny but awesome new feature of Dragon Age inquisition that will be partially available at Dragon Age Inquisition Demo!The fighting will be much more strategy based unlike Dragon Age II and you’ll have to not only cope physically but also mentally as commanding your companions will be no easy task.

What bout Crafting?

Crafting is a new and very exciting feature that will be an important aspect of the gameplay. You’ll be able to craft different objects from basic raw materials or from even complex crafted ones like weapons or shields. By combining your different creations you will then be able to create amazing weapons, light but yet string shields. The appearance and the other attribute of your crafted objects will be determined by the materials you use as well as from your skills in crafting.According to BioWare crafting in Dragon Age Inquisition is the deepest the studio have ever attempted to create and is certainly going to be awesome. In the demo dragon age inquisition demo crafting will also be present but will not be nearly as complex as in the full game. To learn more about crafting and customization in the demo watch this video.

the dark world of Dragon age inquisition

Storyline – Plot

The game starts with you being the Inquisitor and your mission will be to seal the world from the tear in the Veil that is enabling Demos and other creatures to come to your world and destroy it. You can travel from settlement to settlement and encourage the fighting with the demos or calm the people.

The decisions you make and the quest you decide to complete will impact the ending of the game and the outcome is determined by how well you will handle the situation. In the demo you won’t be able to see this but even in some quests of the demo you can have multiple “endings” simply by completing different quests before others or by not completing some quests. This why you should download the demo version of dragon age 3 and start experiencing the game so that when it comes out… you’ll be ready”.Dragon age inquisition logo

Dragon age inquisition inquisitor and comrades

Dragon Age Inquisition Nerdy Info

The total amount of playable hours is 50 hours for the main quests and 100 hours for the sub quests, of course this can be greatly extended if you decide to play the game carefully and take your time. Translated into days, this means that if you play 4 hours per day you will have to play the game for at least 15 days in order to completely finish the game. This is simply an astonishing creation by BioWare, making Dragon Age Inquisition such a long but also interesting game to play!

The Dragon Age Inquisition Demo will boast at least 5 hours of solid gameplay that can be extended to 10 if you decide to explore the little map available and complete ever quest. Visit the top for our page to download the dragon age inquisition demo v1.2 for free!

The computing requirements for Dragon Age Inquisition (also known as Dragon Age Inquisition 3) is the following:

  • 4GB Ram Memory
  • Intel i5 or greater
  • 2GB of VRam or Video Ram
  • 26GB of Hard Drive Space
  • Direct x10 or x11
  • Windows 7 or greater

The demo version has the same computing requirements but not the same storage requirements as it is much smaller, but yet as we said above, very interesting!
For more information on the game visit the game’s forum and ask any questions or concerns you may have! Or alternatively rad more detailed information at the game’s wiki page.

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    1. Tomtom
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      Nvm, found it. Seems a dll file is missing, ms2207dir.dll. Trying to reinstall.

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    If anyone’s wondering, the demo is working!

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