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The newest addition to the Far Cry series is coming out in early 2018. Far Cry 5’s release date is set for 03.27.2018. If you are searching for a new first-person shooter game to try out, this is a great choice. It is playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While the game itself costs $59.99 for the full edition, you can also download the Far Cry 5 Demo for free. Ubisoft is aiming for new heights. With millions of active players, the Far Cry franchise is set to achieve a new high in sales and revenue.

Check out the Far Cry 5 Demo to see whether this is the right game for you. 

Far Cry 5 Storyline & Gameplay

The story occurs in Hope County, located in the state of Montana, USA. The entire region is under the control of a religious cult which spreads terror and violence. The main antagonist is a preacher called Joseph Seed, but also known as Father.

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Years ago, he heard a voice telling him of the “inevitable collapse.” Accepting it as a message from God himself, Father moved to Hope County and created a militaristic cult called Eden’s Gate. With the use of force, fraud, and propaganda, Seed quickly gained control over the region and

You enter the scene as a sheriff. Your role in all of this is to fight against the cult, assist the locals in their struggles against the forces of oppression, and liberate the land which was taken away. Help the resistance take back their peace and freedom.

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Explore the land, enjoy the lush and green landscape, but make sure to be careful, as danger lurks in every corner.


What Ubisoft aims to do is achieve is an enjoyable and intense experience for everyone. It is important to note that the developer team actually visited Montana and made observations of the local lifestyle, culture, and nature. The graphics are amazing and truly stand out in the wider gaming industry.

As for the game itself, Far Cry 5 is somewhat different when compared with the previous members of the franchise. While it is still the game many people love, some major changes were added.
The biggest of them all is the option to play with a friend. While you can always go solo if you’ve ever felt alone or needed help, do not worry. Co-op is available.

The game now features a new way to create and customize your own character. You can choose between gender, skin tones, and many appearances. They are all available in the Far Cry 5 Demo.

Another important feature will be the guns for hire recruitment system. While traveling around Hope County, you can recruit locals to fight by your side. The fighting force will be small at first. But the more land you liberate, the stronger the resistance will become. Fang for hire is also available. This system will allow you to tame animals which will follow you around and assist in fights. A fishing mechanic is also present. It is not to be underestimated and requires concentration.

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The list of weapons is also very impressive. They range from handguns, such as the 44 Magnum and P226; to the M133, FP6 and D2 shotguns; the SMG Scorpion; different assault rifles; machine guns; the LPO-50 flamethrower; explosives; sledgehammers; baseball hats; and many more. There is also access to a number of vehicles such as tractors, trucks, a helicopter, and airplanes.

Official game information

In May 2017, the Official Announce Trailer for Far Cry 5 was released. Expectations for the game are high and that is understandable.

Pre-order is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Once available, you can immediately download and enjoy.
The Far Cry 5 Demo will also be added alongside the regular editions.

System Requirements

According to Systemrequirementslab.com, the operating systems needed for the Far Cry 5 demo and the full game are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Older versions of Vista or XP would not work.
The RAM minimum is 4 GB. The CPU requirements are either Intel Core i5-2400, or AMD Phenom II X4 965, or anything above them. The video cards must have 1.5 GM VRAM at the very least.

Downloading the Far Cry 5 Demo

Many short non-playable demos were already released. The Far Cry 5 Demo itself will be available shortly before the release of the full game. As always, it will offer extensive gameplay and many of the new features.
Make sure to download the Far Cry 5 Demo and experience the game first hand. If you’re looking for another gaming experience browse our demos page and download what you love most!

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