Metal Gear Survive PC Demo

Metal Gear Survive is the latest addition to the Metal Gear series to be released in 2018. If that’s enough to get your gaming blood boil in excitement, then there’s good news! You can download the Metal Gear Survive Demo today to try the game for yourself. Read on to learn more about the game and the PC demo.

The Name, The Game

If you’re not familiar with the Metal Gear series, you should be. Metal Gear has been dishing out quality titles like Metal Gear Solid one to five, Metal Gear Revenge, and many more. Now, the latest addition to their roster is Metal Gear Survive. It is a survival action-adventure open world game with glorious graphics and visuals that follows a group of soldiers who were transported via a wormhole to an alternate reality filled with zombie-like creatures. The soldiers need to work together to collect materials and do whatever they can to get back to their own world.

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Meta Gear is awesome, cool zombie attacking

Game Mechanics

The game lets you view the post-apocalyptic world in third person as you control one of the soldiers. It features strategy based combat situations that will force you to think like a soldier or spy and will truly test your wit and ingenuity. You’ll need to lure enemies for a silent back stab, group enemies together for a multi-kill, use the environment to dispatch enemies quickly, craft and utilize barricades to reinforce your defences, sneak around to avoid confrontation, or just go Rambo and charge at the enemies head first. View this amazing video on YouTube about the complete story of Metal Gear.

PC and Console

The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2018. For now, a free downloadable demo of the game is available for you to grasp the feel of the game as it strays from the traditional Metal Gear gameplay wherein you control a world-class spy, Metal Gear Survive is focused more on the mainstream trend of killing zombies and working together to defend a base. The game looks gorgeous on the PC with smooth flowing actions, interactive scenery, and vibrant colours.

Spec Requirements

As any gamer knows, specs are important to be able to run and play your favorite games to its full potential. It is sort of an insult to the game and its developers to play a well-made game with beautiful graphics on the lowest graphics option as it takes away the grandeur feel of the game, especially with an open-world game like this one. This game is meant to be played at its full potential. It’s important to know if you need an upgrade on your PC’s specs to fit the game’s requirements. The requirements are likely to be slightly higher than Meta Gear Rising’s system requirements.

The game should play in Windows 7 with 64 bits or higher. It’s HDD space requirement is at least 28 GB. Its VRAM requirement is at least 2 gigabytes. Its minimum RAM requirement is 4 GB while its optimal RAM requirement is 8 GB. If your PC meets all the above criteria, then it will be safe to download the game and run it smoothly.

Meta Gear Survive Demo screenshot

Free Download

The game’s demo can be downloaded at any time through various links and can be installed and played for the player to be able to grasp the game and decide on whether he wants to buy it or not.

Why Should I Get The Game?

The Metal Gear series has been beloved by fans the world over with its innovative gameplay where you as the player will feel like you are the character you’re playing due to the fact that you will need to actively look at your environment and think of ways to utilise it to your advantage which effectively puts you inside the game. Having more than 10 games under its belt, Metal Gear has earned its place in the ranks by delivering high quality, memorable games time and time again. That alone should erase any doubts about whether it is a good game or not and should have every serious game itching with excitement to play it. If you’re still not convinced, then there is always the Metal Gear Survive demo to try out. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you online. Otherwise download some other demo’s from this page.


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