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Are you looking for something to make your new year more adventurous? Start your 2018 right by hunting monsters in the monster world! A new kind of challenge will set fire in the gamers’ world with this action role-play game by capcom. This game can be played with PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC platforms. The release date for PC players is yet to be announced, but you can download the Monster Hunter World demo for free.

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Monster Hunter World Demo Gameplay

The best thing about a demo game is that it can be played before the official release of the game. However, some features may still be inaccessible. The game has an open environment and is played in a third-person point of view. Unlike any usual games, the developers of Monster Hunter World aim to create an online world which is seamless. You will be travelling from place to place to hunt monsters without any loading screens appearing on your screen.

If you’re interested in listing the demo in your game library, you must provide yourself with knowledge about the gameplay. You will not only understand the mechanics of the game, but you will also learn some techniques that you can use to win in the game.

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Your Role In The Game

Your role in the game is the hunter who is given a task by the Research Commission. The task is to hunt and catch enormous monsters that are lurking outside the city of Astera so that the said commission can study on them. The Research Commission is composed of the Commander, the Handler, the Field Team Leader, the Smithy, the Canteen, and the Gathering Hub. Your character will not have any special powers. You, as a monster hunter, will be defined by your equipment in the game. Weapons and other equipment will most likely come from loots after successfully catching or killing a monster. Rewards from completed quests, or items which you can pick up during your travels. These obtained pieces of equipment can be built together to create your main items for hunting. However, you need to be careful because unmatched items may cause you to fail on your quests. Also, remember to always build a strong armor for yourself! The demo will obviously only have a limited number of items so your choice is limited. 

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As a hunter, you can access a tool named “Singer”, which has multiple uses such as slingshot and grappling hook. If you want to track down monsters within a short period of time, you can use the Scout files to collect signs and data which can lead you to the monster. Signs could be footprints or slimy saliva piles of the monsters. When there is an accurate data, it can give you a direct guide towards the monsters. In addition, the tool may also detect hidden resources in the zone. You can also use Mantle, a camouflage-like suit good for hiding from monsters during the hunting process.

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Monster Hunter World Information

The game is available in two modes. You can play it with single player mode both online or offline, and you can also play it with multiplayer mode which can have four players maximum and can only be played online. It would be preferable to play online because you can interact with other players and can set traps together. The quests will be the same for both single player and multiplayer mode. In the demo there will only be a small number of quests. The  map will, understandably, be much smaller so it doesn’t spoil the game. 

Moreover, if you want to take a sneak peek of the latest trailer of Monster Hunter World, take a look at this amazing video by Monster Hunter.

Download Monster Hunter in your PC

Although the release date for both, Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World demo is still to be unveiled, you should stay tuned for updates and of course, for the release date. Prepare your PC for the download and make sure that you have a big amount of memory reserved for this amazing game. The minimum requirement for this game is a Core i5-4460 3.2Ghz processor with 8 GB RAM and an Win 7 64 operating system. This is the first time in history that CAPCOM will launch its game in PC. A gamer like you must be really excited for this!

If, by any chance, you’re new to the gamers’ world and you wonder about your computer’s specs, start asking around or you can check this site to be guided accordingly: If you’d rather download another demo click here to view all the demo library.

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