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If you love pirates you’ll really enjoy the Sea of Thieves! In the game’s demo you can gate a taste of what it’s like being a pirate, being free to roam the sea. The action-adventure game brought to you by Rare is a highly anticipated game and is scheduled to be released on the 20th of March. But why wait? Download the Sea of Thieves Demo (PC version) today!

Sea of Thieves Gameplay Experience

If you’ve ever played a MMORPG you’ll know what it’s like to roam a game world and encounter unique different environments and players as you go. Sea of Thieves is no different, except it doesn’t strive for graphical photo-realism but instead uses a cartoon-like animation style. The game also has some exaggerated physics that will certainly make the game more enjoyable for children and adults alike. To learn more about the latest developments and news visit TechRadar or GameSpot.

Sea of Thieves Demo Pic

Attacked by a ship

In the Demo of Sea of Thieves you won’t be able to roam the full map. Instead you will have the opportunity to test the graphics, physics and overall gameplay of this phenomenal video game. You will start as a pirate in a harbour, you then have to find a crew and a ship to voyage on and explore the dangerous sea.

Check out some of the awesome gameplay videos on YouTube. Also don’t forget to check out the amazing website made by the developers of the game.

The Map

The map, interestingly will have a large number of islands, some dangerous, some bare, some inhabited and some full of treasures. By navigating the seas you’ll be able to go to different islands and discover knew unknown ones. But to do so you will have to go into uncharted territory, and there lies the danger, who will you encounter? Every battle could be your last. But it is better to explore than to stay safe.

Sea of Thieves Demo Map Island

How to Download Sea of Thieves Demo

If you are having trouble download or installing the demo feel free to visit our help page. Alternatively you can press the download button above to download the PC version. After downloading proceed with the installation. You might need to complete a short advertiser sponsored offer but that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time. If you are still having trouble please comment bellow and we will provide assistance. Alternatively download other demos, you can browse all the demos here.

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