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Batman Arkham Knight PC DemoBatman Arkham Knight is awesome new installment of Batman game series with action packed gameplay and amazing graphics that will blow your mind! Warner bros in collaboration with rocksteady Studios have created this exciting new game title and the PC demo of the game is available for download for everyone!download link pc version

Immersive gameplay and stunning graphics

Batman Arkham Knight has made huge progress from the last game and it's now considered one of the best games for 2015 with the latest graphics and movement animations that make the game feel as if it was in real life! Gameplay will follow the movie plot and add different missions and the opportunity for you to explore the world around you and interact with it. But let's take a look at the gameplay and what will happen in the game (keep in mind that the Batman Arkham Knight demo will not have the full features of the game).Batman Arkham Knight In the CityYou will have to deal with the same gadgets and elements of the previous Batman games including but not limited to counter detective vision and explosive batarangs. You’ll be able to use weapons and gadgets while flying over Gotham city. The gameplay and generally the agility and movement of the player have been significantly improved when compared to the last version of the game which makes for a pleasant surprise. You also noticed difference in the combat system, this will be visible in Batman Arkham Knight Demo  too. Read the next paragraph find more about the changes in the competition in the game.

Batman Sign - Bat

The combat system is now more complex than ever before, in Batman Arkham Knight Demo, you can now counter-attack enemies and direct their attacks to other enemies nearby. There has been an increase in the decision in time and movement of the player so that he can handle and fight off large numbers of enemies. When in stealth mode you can now take up to 3 enemies down and the new weapons and gadgets that are available to you makes it easier. But things are not as simple as they seem because your approach to combat has to do with what enemy you face as Sam enemies will have guns while others will have melee weapons so this is something you have to keep in mind. In Batman Arkham Knight Demo it will be possible to see most of these combat changes and to some extend feel like being in a movie, being Batman.

In Batman Arkham Knight you will also see Batman's new car, the  Batmobile which has been enhanced to great extent such as to make it the true weapon off Batman. Some of the new features of the Batmobile are the two modes to which it can be switched and also its agility and of course its speed. The  Batmobile is one of the greatest weapons that Batman in his inventory.Batman looking over Gotham City

So how does the game start?

The game starts one year after the death of joker from which Batman has been struggling to recover from the. Gotham’s citizens feel very safe and crime as being dramatically decreased because of the actions and protection of Batman. You are now faced with another great danger which is ... you'll find out in the game!

So, are you ready to fight the new enemies and protect Gotham city? Take control of Batman and the Batmobile today by downloading Batman Arkham Knight PC demo from TheDemoBay!Batman

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    great gemas.

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    i like this download becoos i can download batman arkham city

  3. PsyCube
    05/23/2015 at 5:57 PM

    Is the demo working ?

    1. 05/27/2015 at 8:36 PM

      Of course it does, download and see for yourself!

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