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Kingdom Come Deliverance DemoKingdom Come Deliverance is a medieval single-player rpg game and the Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo is available for early backers of the game's kickstarter campaign and also to the public but with limited functions, yet more than enough for a demo version. You can download the Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo (public version) from this page for free!

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo Features:

The demo will have one map in which you will be able to play against some local bandits and a small army. This army is regularly attacking the village at the north side of Kingdom Come Deliverance's world. The demo has a few bugs but you won't see a major problem while playing it. Also in Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo there are several new weapons included which you can use and that includes the bow and hammer. These are new weapons in Kingdom Come Deliverance that were not shown in the gameplay demos.Fighting in Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo

Features of Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo:

  • A big variety of weapons to choose from
  • 1 large size map to play in
  • A lot of bandits to fight in the forests and roads
  • Physics based fights you will definitely enjoy!
  • Horses that can be ridden!

Infantry versus Cavalry - Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo

More information about Kingdom Come Deliverance:

The game is developed by Warhorse and is in the middle of it's development period. Having been backed by a private investor but also more than 30 thousand excited kickstarter backers the waiting period for the completion of the game is quite small. The big "+" of the game are the awesome graphics that are almost like reality. Kingdom Come Deliverance also promises to have dungeons but no dragons. That is something people have been long waited for because most games these days have magic, KCD will not have any magic, just realism. That is great, medieval rpg game with no magic and amazing graphics, you couldn't have asked for more! Find out more about the full game at Wikipedia. You can experience the feeling of being a medieval soldier by download the Kingdom Come Deliverance Public Demo! Weapons in Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo

How to download Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo?

You can download the public version of the Kingdom Come Deliverance demo by clicking the download button above. Then completing a free and easy to complete offer. Pick the one you like the most and complete all of it's steps, then the download will automatically start. If you have trouble downloading or you are facing an issue or problem visit this page for more information on the matter!

Information About the Full Game:

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a game advertised for it's realistic gameplay and stunning graphics. There are not much games, if any, that can compete with Kingdom Come Deliverance in these two aspects. Being totally realistic is indeed a big challenge for the developers but it's also a big bonus for them. The graphics is something essential in modern day games and without them you can compete with other games. The game is expected to be released at Q4 of 2015 and it is planned to be available to all major gaming platforms such as PS4, XBOX, PC and MAC.Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo World

Also something else the developers have promised for the new game title is some large sieges and battle with the amazing medieval theme we can only see in movies! The landscape will be the same as in real world in the local area and the castles are designed to be identical to the once that where there a few hundred if not a thousand years ago! The game will also have mini games inside it which is another interesting feature. This means that you will have a lot of opportunities to try new little games like making your weapons better by smithing it. Obviously riding horses and exploring large forests and valleys is something that will be included in the game. If you have more questions or need some information about Kingdom Come Deliverance visit the forum of the game!

For all these features many people are eagerly waiting for the Kingdom Come Deliverance official release but until then, play the demo version of Kingdom Come Deliverance and enjoy some of the many new features of the game! Download Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo from this page today!

If you want to request a demo for any game feel free to submit it here!

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo

  1. oren
    07/03/2015 at 7:35 AM

    its not working 😛 i tryed and the install crashed after i install it and when i search for it after all i cant find the file… sooo 😛 fix it plz or if you can give me alpha key or something ^^ i really want to play

    1. 07/03/2015 at 3:49 PM

      I’m sorry for that mate, I will try to fix this but can’t promise much as I’m on holidays atm.

  2. Dan
    08/24/2015 at 8:24 PM

    There is a problem with the code. Every code that I get does not seem to work and recently the websites won’t give valid codes. help me with something

    1. 08/25/2015 at 1:12 PM

      Do the codes not work for verifying the game or is there another error?

      Thank you for your feedback Dan!

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