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The Metro Redux Demo is now available for free download! The Demo version is totally free to download and has a lot of features of the full game. Rated as one of the best first person shooters this game will one you will remember for a long time. Don't wait, play this stunning game on your PC today!Metro Redux Demo Featured Image

Game Information:

The Metro Redux is a remake of Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033 with improved 4A Engine for much better and clearer graphic animations. This is a post-apocalyptic game because as the game advances more capabilities and customization opportunities are given to the player. The Metro Redux Demo also has survival horror as well as stealth elements as the player has to survive the terrifying dark metro, inside it and outside. For the System Requirements visit this page.

New Features in Metro Redux Demo:Metro Redux Logo

  • New lighting engine
  • Better performance of computer controlled players
  • Has night / day cycles in order for the game to feel like real life
  • A lot of customizations on weapons and character traits, style and skills
  • Many more!

Will Metro Redux Demo have all the features of the full game?

No, the demo will not have all the capabilities of the full game but will rather have most of them. That means that the maps will not be at full size and the missions will only have some of the tasks in the original game. But the weapons will be in full number and you can use them al at Metro Redux Demo!In game action metro Redux Demo

What in-game difficulties are there?

There are two gameplay options, one of them is the Spartan gameplay option. In this difficulty mode the game is more oriented towards action and the player has more recourses. This is the best mode if you want to just play a fast-action game and not worry about bullets and other stuff. This option is available in Metro Redux Demo.

The other gameplay option is the Survival. In which you will have to make good use of the few bullets and other recourses you are provided with. In this option the loading of the gun and also the gameplay generally is much slower in order to make it easier for the player. This extra feature make the game look more natural and feel like in real life! This gameplay is only available at some maps and not all. The hardest maps in the game can only be played in Spartan mode.

You can read more about the game in this review by Forbes magazine!

Metro Redux Logo


In Metro Redux Demo you will be able to try most features of Metro Redux and experience the new and much improved graphics. Also you can try different new maps and try a mini battle map that is also available for online gaming too!


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