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Shelter 2 Demo is game developed by "Might and Delight" Interactive and the goal of the game was to give the player a chance to experience the world from an animal's point of view. Shelter 2 Demo can be downloaded from this page by clicking the download button below.Shelter 2 Demo Download Button

The game starts with you in playing as a Lynx mother. You have the opportunity to explore the beautiful world that is build into the game, raise other Lynx and give them the edge in this unforgiving environment by perfecting your hunting abilities.exploring the big world of shelter 2 demo

Game Information

The game has a rather critical approach to graphics as you will not see the things as they are in reality but a bit like "minecraft" style gameplay. The best part of this game is that it gives you complete freedom and it will run very smoothly on your computer as it requires a low amount of your GPU and RAM. Shelter Demo is also a game that is highly recommended if you are bored this summer. This is because in Shelter 2 Demo you will have unlimited choices of different things to do and you will always find new exciting little features you didn't notice. It is packed with intense gameplay while hunting but also a traveler style gameplay when you start the big journey towards the tundra. For more information on Shelter 2 you can read this game review!

System Requirements:

Shelter 2 Demo needs only 1 GB of RAM which most times is almost 1 quarter of the computer's RAM. It runs on Java so you will also need to check whether if you have the latest version of javascript installed. The CPU needed is 2 GHz which is also much lower than in many other games. You will have no troubles downloading or playing Shelter 2 Demo on your computer!

How to Download Shelter 2 Demo:

You can download Shelter 2 Demo by clicking the download button above and completing one of the free-to-complete offers that will be displayed. Pick one that you like and complete it. It doesn't take more than 2-3 minutes of your time. If you have trouble downloading please visit this page and find more about how to download Shelter 2 Demo!


hunting in shelter 2 demo

Hunting is an ard in Shelter 2 Demo


rabbits are a huntable animal in Shelter 2 Demo!!

rabbits, yes you can also eat rabbits in the game!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download Shelter 2 Demo and find for yourself what an awesome game it is! Alternatively you can download the game and not the demo version once it's available on Steam.

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