Sims 4 Demo

Sims 3 has proven to be quite a game with millions of players plating it daily and the number is constantly growing. So EA has decide to create the next Sims, “The Sims 4” and here you can download the official demo (which can be found in their official website) and play the next-gen Sims game from today!

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Sims in Sims 4 Demo

What new Features will the Sims 4 have?

  • Smarter Sims

You will be able to create and control sims with even more depth with each sim being unique and having quite complex feelings and emotions that you can play with.

  • Unique sims, each with his unique personality!

You won't find any sims doing the same thing or looking exactly the same, every sim will have his own personality and characteristics. In Sims 4 Demo the different people will really make playing the game really interesting!

  • Weirder Stories!

As sims will be much smarter you will have greater opportunities to do your own thing (or your sim’s own thing J). More options will be available to your sims as the progress in their life and get different characteristic and personalities will affect the gameplay.

  • New, Powerful (Yet funny) Creative Tools

Creating a sim will no longer be a bit of a mess with all those little things you have to click and the thousands of possibilities available. Well in the new Sims 4 version the creative tools will be very efficient so that your time is not wasted and that you have fun, which is the goal of the game after all.

Houses in Sims 4 Demo

  • Vibrant & Active Neighborhoods

It is true that in Sims 3 the neighborhoods were a little bit boring as sims did the same thing again and again. No more. Sims from now on will be very … lively doing more things and partying harder than ever.

  • Ability to Share your Creations

You will be able to share your creations faster and easier with the new tool designed by EA to “open up” the community. Send the new house you just created to your friend with just a click!

For more information visit the official site

What will the demo include?

The Sims 4 Demo will include a lot of features but will obviously not have the full cabilities of the Full Game. It will have only one town but that town will be the same as in the full game.

Also the Sims 4 is rumored to have more than on town capabilities. This means that you will be able to live in 1 town and travel by car to the nearby towns. This is the biggest and most exciting new feature in The Sims 4 in my opinion!

Where can I download the Sims 4 Demo?

You can download the demo of Sims 4 via one of the buttons in this page. Keep in mind you may have to complete a small advertiser offer. This is completely for the funding of the site so that we can keep it live and pay for hosting and spread the new of the new game to the world!

How to Install the Demo?

You can easily install the demo by following the setup wizard which has instructions that are easy to understand. It is a normal procedure, just like installing a normal game. If you have a problem please post it with a comment on this site.

How to complete an Advertiser Sponsored Offer?

This is pretty easy. It takes roughly a minute and all you have to do is submit your email or sometimes your phone number. The information submitted will never be shared with a third party and will be deleted in a period of one month.