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Download Wasteland 2 Demo for free! You can play this crowd funded role playing game on your PC, Mac or Linux! Get lost in the massive deserts and wastelands in Wasteland 2 and fight the enemies with your special team of Desert RangersWasteland 2 Demo Button

Wasteland 2 is a highly anticipated game and its demo is one of the best demos available currently. The reason behind this is that the game was crowd funded and the developers at inXile Entertainment wanted to give something back to the fans. Thus created Wasteland 2 Demo which you can download for free! The demo has a lot of features and many unique interesting maps you can explore with other players online!Screenshot from Wasteland 2 which can be played in the demo too!

Gameplay Information:

In Wasteland 2 demo you will play in turns with up to 4 players and up to 3 computer controlled players, so in total the maximum capacity of players in wasteland 2 demo is 7 players. The customization of your character will have a lot of features and capabilities with each player being totally unique and special, made by you! There are many skills you can cultivate and a lot of different appearance options. You will certainly enjoy playing wasteland 2 demo on your pc!

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In the game which is put in 1998 where supposedly there was nuclear war. You are one of the lone survivors in a Wasteland 2 Demo CD Case of the Gamedistant US Army Engineer base where survivors formed a small town and then formatted the Desert Rangers which you will be playing in the game. In wasteland 2 demo there is only a small map and not many customizations for your character but... you will certainly enjoy exploring the, wasteland and all the different angers out in the desert!

Where can I play it?

You can play Wasteland 2 demo at any computer including the OS Linux, Mac and Windows with the required RAM being 2GB. The hard disk space required being under 1GB! You have to have a good internet connection though in order to play online without lagging! Find out more here!

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Fundraised All-together!

Yes you heard right, Wasteland 2 is completely funded by pledges in Kickstarter and the total amount gathered is an impressing $2,900,000. That amount of money was enough to fund the whole project from start to finish and the developers can keep any other sales they make! Now that is proper fundraising! Actually that is crowd fundraising, well many companies have also invested in the game through Kickstarter. So that can’t actually be categorized as crowd funding but rather as proper funding! Read bellow for more information about Wasteland 2 Demo and what features will be included in it!

What will be included in the Wasteland 2 Demo?

In the demo you will see many of the original game features but not in full. That means that you will be able to customize your character and play in many different maps but you won’t be able to use the full editor or play in all the full maps. That doesn’t mean that in Wasteland 2 demo you can’t have fun! You can play for hours without noticing. The most surprising fact is that in this demo you can access the game’s online servers and play online with other players without any restriction, yes you heard right, you will have no restrictions in the online gameplay in wasteland 2 demo! And you can also download wasteland 2 demo for free!

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